Greetings from the President

  • Hideatsu Tsukahara,
    Seijo University

I am truly honored to be elected as the 14th president of JAFEE, Japanese Association of Financial Econometrics and Engineering. By improving myself with help from fellow researchers and practitioners, I would like to contribute to the academic community of financial engineering, or more broadly, quantitative finance in Japan.

Quantitative finance, which I believe is the research field JAFEE is targeted at, is a generic term for quantitative methods for analyzing financial markets and technology. To fully understand this interdisciplinary discipline, we need extremely broad knowledge on economics, statistics, probability theory, operations research, numerical analysis, simulation methods, stochastic control, and optimization. Learning the basics of these fields is a very demanding task, and what is more, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have already started being applied in finance. As an association bearing “engineering” in its name, we should assimilate high frequency algorithmic trading and FinTech which is an application of IT to financial industry to follow current trends. We must also keep up with the wave of data science based on big data which is called the resources of the twenty-first century.

In the real world today, what seemed to be a science fiction a decade ago is becoming a reality. It is not easy to predict how the financial service industry and financial system in our society will change, and the fields we should cover and analyze keep on expanding. But we would have to say that the number of Japanese researchers in this field is not large enough. Therefore, to promote and accelerate research in quantitative finance in Japan, I would like to exert every effort to provide as many opportunities as possible, through JAFEE, for more and more researchers and practitioners in Japan to exchange their views and ideas and to collaborate. I believe our big challenge is to help them achieve an innovative breakthrough originated in Japan.

I look forward to working with new board of directors and delegates to address the challenge in the upcoming two years. We would appreciate it if you, regardless of whether you are a member of JAFEE or not, could support and cooperate with us.

Hideatsu Tsukahara
JAFEE President
20 September 2019
Japanese Association of Financial Econometrics and Engineering (JAFEE)