Greetings from the President

  • Tadashi Ono,
    University of Tsukuba

I was elected as Chairperson of JAFEE in July 2017. I am proud of being a new board member of JAFEE and feel strong pressure because of this heavy responsibility.

JAFEE was established in April 1993 and has been operating as a cutting-edge association of researchers and practitioners who engage in research on asset pricing of financial products and/or financial decision making models. Through the annual conference and journal publishing, JAFEE has contributed to improve the quality of research in the Japanese finance market. The former chairperson, Professor Tsuda, decided to change the status of JAFEE from a partnership to a corporation reflecting the growing recognition by the academic and practitioner’s world. After almost two years of preparation, finally, JAFEE started as a new academic corporation in July 2017.

In this current global financial market, the terms like big data, deep learning, algorithm trading, Fintech, and block-chain ledger system have become popular. This movement clearly indicates that the needs and values of JAFEE have been expanding. Even in the big data era, considering how to deal with data, finding significant principles, predicting future movements and evaluating analysis results are important. Therefore, JAFEE has an important responsibility because of the remarkable research achievements in this endeavor and exceptional human resources crossing over academic and practical worlds.

We, JAFEE, are holding semi-annual conferences in summer and winter. We are publishing Japanese and English academic journals. And we are organizing a variety of activities such as international symposiums too. In the coming year, we are planning to publish an electronic journal in Japanese in order for researchers to share and take advantage of the latest research with little delay. We, every new board member, recognize the importance to start the operation of the new organization in complying with the regulation and a new charter. We understand that JAFEE needs to stay relevant and we will continue to refine our research to focus on the demands of academic and practical world. Your ideas and inputs are extremely valuable to me and the organization. Please continue to share your feedback so that JAFEE can better serve you and deliver even more value for your membership in the year ahead.

Tadashi Ono, Ph.D.
Japanese Association of Financial Econometrics and Engineering (JAFEE)